Los Lonely Boys return to Taos


Before the release of their breakthrough debut single “Heaven” earned them a Grammy Award and international critical acclaim, Los Lonely Boys was a name that was almost solely known in the dusty clubs and cantinas of the southern borderlands of the United States.

The sibling trio’s prodigious success since the early 2000s belies a long road of struggle and hard work that precedes their recognition today as one of the most talented rock bands of the past two decades, and one of Taos’ favorite returning performers.

On Wednesday (Sept. 9) brothers Henry, Jojo, and Ringo Garza, otherwise known as Los Lonely Boys, will take the stage for their third performance at the KTAOS Solar Center. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. and the show will start at 8 p.m. at the venue’s outdoor showground.

 Many bands lay claim to a heroic rise from humble beginnings to epic stardom, but many are also rife with romantic hyperbole and outright fabrication, rendering the classic account an archetypal cliché in the music industry.

A tale of legendary family legacy, brotherly love, and hard times, the backstory on Los Lonely Boys is anything but.

The Boys’ father is Henry Garza Sr., a self-styled “outlaw musician,” who formed a band with his own generation of Garza siblings, the Falcones, which played conjunto music in their home state of Texas throughout the 70s and 80s.

After the group disbanded, Henry Sr. went out on his own to make it as a solo act playing country music, but soon recruited his three young sons to back him on percussion (Ringo), bass (Jojo), and lead guitar (Henry Jr.). The boys’ natural talents grew as they cut their teeth in rough country bars, following their father’s direction as they traveled throughout the South taking home small sums from small-time venues.

The name “Los Lonely Boys” has an honest origin. The Garza brothers’ mother separated from their father early in their childhood, which changed the tone and meaning of the family’s music as their songwriting and performances became a kind of cathartic exercise to help them dispel the pain of their loss. One of the songs which came out of that period was written by Henry Sr., who sang its memorable return to his children, “I’m just a lonely, lonely boy.”

When it came time to name the next evolution of their act, the youngest son, Ringo, suggested “Los Lonely Boys” in honor of the lyric. The name stuck, and after countless hours on the road away from family and friends, its appearance on albums covers and countless venue marquees was solidified.

“Taos has always been very supportive of what we do musically. We are always treated like family and the outcomes of the shows are very good. We feel a lot of love from the area and surrounding areas that keeps us coming back. They know what to expect from us: a show based around familia and the music we share as a band of brothers.”

Credit to: The Taos News


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